Things before…

I am 32
1. find a job
2. walk on the beach

I am 31
1. Upload 30 Videos.
2. find the job of my current dreams.

I am 30
1. figure out what i want to do

I am 29
1. go to the ocean and walk on the beach

…I am 28
1. go to the ocean and walk on the beach
2. start Blogging / maybe even Vloggin  (yeah i made about 5 vloogs in juli or so )
3. clean my life
4. make more things that make me happy and less that make me sad

…I am 27
1. loose 25 kg
2. go to the ocean and walk on the beach
3. find a new flat 1.9.2013

…I am 26
1. pass the driver licence (27.1.2012)
2. go to london
3. go on a holiday trip
4. get a new haircut (2.5.2012)
5. start blogging properly
6. bake an awesome red velvet cake / muffins
7. get a tattoo (23.8.2012 the heart never lies)
8. loose min. 25 kg
9. go to a spa for min 2 days
10. go to imats in London (wollte ich nicht hin gehen)
11. go to the casino
12. get the new iphone
13. been on the ocean and walked on the beach
14. see mcfly in concert
15. get an ipad
16. move out (April 2012)

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